Sunday, February 1, 2015

Save Money on Your Summer Camping Vacations!

Who doesn’t love to save money? Everyone does, right? So we thought some ideas to help you get the biggest bang for your buck on your summer vacation travel plans were in order. We think these proven methods will help you maximize your summer fun and minimize your summer expenses!

Stay Closer to Home! Camping within 100 to 120 miles (that’s 1 – 2 hours to travel time) of where you live reduces your travel time and expenses, and gets your family enjoying your weekend much sooner for less. Staying closer to home gets you the experience without the expense of a longer distance trip, travel time, and more!

Stay Longer!  Instead of making four, 2-day camping trips with the RV this summer, make three, 3-day stays. You get an extra day of camping in, and the travel expense for only 3 trips! It saves you money on the gas, wear and tear, and is more relaxing!  Many campgrounds offer a stay 7 nights for the price of 6! Make it a staycation, and save even more!

Cook on the Campfire or Grill! Cooking over the campfire is a favorite of campers!   Try new recipes and don’t forget to make s’more or mountain pies! The meal doesn’t have to be elaborate to be loads of family fun! The kids or grand-kids will love making their own dinner and eating it!  Eating at the RV instead of eating out saves big dollars! Maybe even enough to slip in another day, or another whole trip depending upon how many times your family eats out, normally.

Become a KOA member! You don’t have to be a KOA Kampground member to camp with KOA, but there can be some big savings for your family if you are a member! KOA Kampgrounds charge you $27 per year to be a member. You save 10% every time you camp at a KOA Kampground and you get points like a hotel card. The points you earn can be redeemed for discounts and free camping. VKR Members can also take advantage of special offers and KOA Hot Deals, which save you even more! 

KOA has Special Offers: In 2015, when you purchase a campsite on May 8, you get Saturday Night, May 9th for just $10 at any participating KOA Kampground. On Father’s Day Weekend, Kids Camp Free for all VKR members! And of Course, on VKR Appreciation Weekend in September, you get one night free when you buy one night at all participating KOA Kampgrounds for all VKR members. If you don’t have reservations to camp on these weekends, book them today! With these kinds of savings, even paying the $27.00 for the card makes sense, because you’re still money ahead.       

Check for other Discounts, Free Camping, and Special Offers! Always check out the campground’s private website for discounts and special offers. At Meadville KOA, for example, we offer a hero’s discount on select weekends for fire fighters and police officers to honor their service to our communities. Other examples are our buy one night and get night free weekends on May 15 & 16, and Oct. 9 & 10, when you introduce another family to Meadville KOA for the first-time!  We provide your friend a free night for trying us for the first time and you a free night as a thank you for sharing Meadville KOA with others. We’ve met many new campers because our existing campers recommended us. We thought it’s only fitting to say thank you for sharing Meadville KOA with your friends by providing you both a great discount offer. We also offer returning camper discounts for our campers who camp with us 2 or more times a season!  It’s just another way to say thank you and show you our appreciation. Make sure you visit that discount page, and see how we’re working to help stretch your dollar.

Camp During the Shoulder Season! If you camp before Memorial Day Weekend or After Labor Day Weekend, you should find lower rates. Also, because demand is lower, you might be able to find great special offers that are available. One example is our cabin discount for April – June where you rent a cabin 4 nights for the price of 3! Yes, that’s a 25% discount. It’s a great deal for an early summer, affordable cabin vacation for your family. The rates for RV camping or tent camping sites are lower in the shoulder seasons too. If you used some of our money saving tips, you might even be able to fit in an extra autumn campout with your savings!

Seasonal camping is a great value! Seasonal camping reduces your gasoline costs because you can drive the better mileage vehicle back and forth to camp. It reduces wear and tear on your tow vehicle and RV, your time, and your work. It maximizes the use of your RV and time with your family, and minimizes your work. Why vacation just once a summer, when you could vacation on any days off, all summer long? It’s fun and affordable! It makes a lot of sense, and provides your family that time to get away together that all families need! Call us today and get started planning a very special camping vacation for your family - a whole summer of camping fun for the price of just one vacation! You can check out more info at

We hope these simple ideas will help you save money, get provide you more time with your family this summer.  

As always, we hope your plans include Meadville KOA Campground!  Until we see you this spring (hang in there, it’s only 7 weeks away!) we want to wish you and your family a very happy camping season and a great family vacation, where ever your travels take you!  

By Robyn Chilson                                                                                                                  

Tim & Robyn Chilson own and operate Meadville KOA Campground.  Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.