Monday, September 1, 2014

Autumn Camping is Awesome Camping!

As summer comes to an end, the autumn season begins, and that means it’s time to go autumn camping! Why not enjoy the fall foliage, fun fall festivals, and more? Here are few examples of awesome autumn camping adventures that await you!
Attend Fall Festivals! There are Autumn Leaf Festivals, Applefests, Pumkinfests, and more! So if you haven’t been camping and attended one of these great local autumn events, the only question remaining is, why not? The festivals are fun and it lengthens your camping season!
The Price is Right! Off season camping generally means off season (lower) rates! You save money when you camp in the off season! And because demand for those sites are lower, the campgrounds are less busy (except for special event weekends), which means you get a quiet, more relaxing, camping atmosphere!
The Weather Is Good! Ahhh, the cool evenings make a campfire all that more enjoyable. Enjoy a hotdog or a camper pie over the campfire on a cool autumn evening.  How about a cup of spiced apple cider, and s’mores for desert?  Ahh, there’s nothing like it! And is it just us, or does everything taste better over that autumn campfire?
Attend Special Event Weekends! Many private campgrounds provide special event weekends during the autumn months to draw in more campers and RVers! Why not take the kids to a Halloween Weekend filled with Trick or Treat, costume contests, campsite decorating contests, and a FREE Sunday breakfast? Or, attend a Pumpkinfest Weekend with roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin carving and other pumpkin themed activities? Or go to an Applefest! There's so much to do and see!
The Fall Foliage Peak Is In Early October! The fall foliage is usually at its peak the first and second weeks in October. Why not choose a campground that is centrally located to the area where you’d like to foliage sight-see, and do some foliage gazing in the area around your base camp! Don’t forget your camera!
Autumn Star Gazing Is Awesome! If you’re a star gazer, you already know that late summer and early fall give rise to some awesome planetary and star gazing opportunities. If you aren’t a star gazer, now is as good of time to start as any! So look up and learn! And don’t forget that star gazing at a campout equals a trip to the local planetarium! So the kids can learn about the stars right there at your campsite at no extra charge!
There are lots of fun special event weekends, fall festivals, stars, and fall foliage to see!  If you’d like more information about what’s happening at and around Meadville KOA Campground, you can call us at 814-789-3251 or go to our website at!
All of these great camping & RVing adventures await you! Go camping or RVing and explore the world around you this autumn!  It’ll be pretty awesome!
By Robyn Chilson

Tim & Robyn Chilson, CPO who own and operate Meadville KOA Campground. You can contact her at 814-789-3251.