Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It’s RV Show Season!

RV Shows are a great place to begin your search for local reputable RV dealers.  They are generally scheduled for January & February in the Northeastern US when dealerships are slower. 

RV Shows provide you the opportunity to see newest models and talk to dealerships that you may not have heard of, and reduce your expenses and time by not having to drive to many different dealerships.  As a customer you can see and compare prices, brands, layouts, and more with one stop shopping.  There is always a huge range of quality & prices.  So when comparing units, make sure you’re comparing the prices of like models of differing brands.  One RV may look like another one, but you need to compare the options, construction, equipment, and features they both have to offer. See who offers the best deal but remember if the dealer isn’t reputable or isn’t equipped to work on the RV, or is located too far away to conveniently return the RV for service, your purchase may not turn out to be the best deal.  Don’t be afraid to talk with other RVers at the show. Many of these people have years of RV experience and knowledge of different products and dealerships.  Most will be honest and tell you when and where they’ve gotten the best deals & service.   

We talk to dozens of RV owners each year.  The biggest complaint we hear is that campers bought their RV from one of those big “discount dealers” that is 4-5  hours drive away, have trouble with it, and it’s a pain to take it back to the big discount dealership, and the local dealerships don’t want to work on it.  If you think about it, you can kind of understand their position.  You didn’t buy it from them, and them doing the work and getting the refund from the factory is very time consuming to their business.  Time is money.  That time also means time that they are taking away from serving the customers who did buy from them.  Who can blame them?  If you were their buying customer, you wouldn’t want to stand in line behind a repair for a non-customer, would you?  There you have it.  So, keep that in mind, these small business owners can’t compete with these “Wal-Marts” of the RV industry on price because they buy by volume.  But, those big discount RV Dealerships can’t and don’t offer you that home town  connection, service, and responsiveness that your local RV Dealer can.    

Buying an RV from a local reputable dealer insures you the best possible service, convenience, and shortest distance to travel for maintenance, repairs, & warranty work.  It is always a good idea to visit the dealership’s physical location before you buy, check out their service department, service hours, etc.  In addition, many RV dealers offer show discounts and sometimes manufacturer rebates are available.  So not only do you save money with the one stop shopping, but there are huge savings in the purchase prices!  Show specials also sometimes include discounts or coupons from campgrounds.  So, your new RV sometimes comes with savings to use it, too!

For more information about local RV Dealers who have partnered with campgrounds in Western PA who offer $800.00 in free Camping and a chance to win another $500 of free camping with the purchase of a new RV in a Very Special Camper (VSC) Contest, visit our website at:

RV shows aren’t just for RV dealers to showcase new and used RVs.  RV shows offer a wealth of information on the whole RVing industry.  Most campgrounds & RV resorts are slow or closed for the winter.  RV shows allow campgrounds to showcase new activities, special events, new amenities & extended stay (aka seasonal camping) availability to potential campers.  Make sure you stop by their booths and find new places to explore and exciting things to do with your family this summer!   

You can also find information for aftermarket RV products, RV accessories, RVing insurance, Camping or RVing Clubs, Discount Clubs, pick up brochures, camping directories for your state and other states, or the free KOA directory for the whole USA and Canada, and more! 

Even if you don’t intend to by an RV, you can learn about cabin camping!  Many people think of camping as ‘roughing it” with a tent, the ground, the rain, and a less than pleasurable “vacation”.  This is no longer the case.  For the price of a hotel room, most campgrounds are now supplying cabins.  Prices vary by campground and the amenities offered.  Camping cabins are generally the least expensive.  They are generally one room with beds and a table.  Cottage Cabins may offer kitchenettes, or a few more amenities, and deluxe cabins are lodges with deluxe facilities like suits with multiple bedrooms, full kitchens, and bathrooms.  So, there is no requirement to own an RV to have a family fun camping vacation!  You can enjoy the luxury of RVing with a camping vacation in a cabin and not miss any of the campground recreation programs and planned activities! 

Why not pack up the family for a fun winter-day activity and attend one of the local RV shows in your area.  Invite a friend to come along, and enjoy a day of looking forward to a summer camping season filled with friends & fun at these RV Shows: 

Ohio RV Super Show, January 7 – 11, at the I-X Center, Cleveland, OH.  Show Hours: Wed. – Fri. Noon to 9 pm, Sat. 10 am to 10 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.  Ticket Pricing: Admission is $12.50/person.  Two Day pass $20.00.  Children 12 & under are free.  Parking is $10.00.  Discount coupons for admission available on their website at:!

Pittsburgh RV Show January 10 - 18  At David Lawrence Convention
Center, Pittsburgh, PA!  Show Hours: Saturdays: 10 am - 9 pm, Sundays: 10 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday: 4 pm - 9 pm.  Ticket Pricing: $10.00 for Adults, $9.00 Senior (55+), $5.00 Children 6-16.  Monday and Tuesday are BOGO nights!  Buy one adult ticket and get one free!  One dollar off Discount Coupons available online at:

Erie RV Show Feb 5-8 At the Bayfront Convention Center, Erie, PA!  Show Hours: Thursday 2 pm to 8 pm, Friday Noon to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 7pm, and Sunday 11 am to 5 pm.  General Admission: Adults $6.00, Children 10 & Under Free, and FREE PARKING!  More info online at:
We invite you to attend any and all of these RV Shows!  Stop by the KOA Kampgrounds booth and pick up some brochures, a KOA directory and a KOA bag!  Tell folks in the booth that you received your invitation to the RV Show from Meadville KOA Campground!  We hope to see you there!    

By Robyn Chilson

Tim & Robyn Chilson own and operate Meadville KOA Campground.  Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.  Kampgrounds of America, is now the world’s largest system of open-to-the-public family campgrounds.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

What’s Under Your Christmas Tree?

What’s under the tree is much less important than who is around the Christmas tree with you. The holidays are a great time to be together with family members and reminisce about fun times, and family outings. It’s also a great time to begin planning your summer camping vacations with your family! 

Here are some tips that might help make your travel plans or summer camping vacation better!   

If you’re putting a new smart phone under the tree, don’t forget to download The KOA Camping App!  It is available for download at the Apple App Store and Google Play sites. It’s a great way to have 485 of the best campgrounds in the USA and Canada at your fingertips. For more information or to view a special video on the KOA Camping App, go to

If the kids never know what to get you, or you never know what to give them, why not ask for or give the gift that keeps on giving? Ask for or get them a KOA Gift Card! You can buy them in any amount over $20.00! You can give them to the grandkids as spending money when they go camping, or to their parents to pay for the whole campout!  You can purchase those at

We have put together another schedule full of fun, family friendly themed event weekends with planned activities for the 2015 camping season! We hope you’ll check them out, and join the fun! You can see our themed weekends schedule on our website at:

Don’t forget that we offer special discounts and offers on our website all summer long!  You can book your campouts on any of our BOGO (buy one night, get one night free) or other special KOA offers for even more big savings! Check out all of our discounts at:

Don’t forget to provide us your email address when you camp with us, so we can email you our monthly email blasts with upcoming events and special offers and hot deals!  If you camp with us often and provide us camping reviews when you camp, you can become a VIP and receive even more special offers and discounts to visit us even more often!   

Seasonal camping is a great value! If you haven’t considered seasonal camping, maybe it’s time that you did! Wouldn't it be a great present to put under your tree this holiday season?  What better gift to give your family than family time to do what they love - camp! Seasonal camping reduces your gasoline costs, wear and tear on your tow vehicle and RV, time, and work. It maximizes the use of your RV and time with your family, and minimizes your work. Why vacation just once a summer, when you could vacation on any days off, all summer long?  It’s fun and affordable!  It makes a lot of sense, and provides your family that time to get away together that we all need!  Call us today and get started in a very special Christmas gift for your family - a whole summer of camping fun! You can check out more info at

So, don’t forget to make those camping vacation plans this holiday season, and as always, we hope your plans include Meadville KOA Campground!  Don’t forget to book early so you get your desired campsite on the dates you want to camp! We start accepting reservations for next season on January 8th, 2015!

And, until we see you next spring, or this winter at the RV Shows, we want to wish you and your family from us and our family, the very happiest of holidays and a Very, Merry Christmas!

By Robyn Chilson                                                                                                                  

Tim & Robyn Chilson own and operate Meadville KOA Campground.  Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.     

Monday, November 24, 2014

KOA Awards & Planning Your 2015 Camping Summer

You may have already heard the news that Meadville KOA Campground has been awarded the 2015 KOA Founder's & President’s Awards by Kampgrounds of America Inc., which is given only to those KOA Campgrounds that attained the very top scores in both customer service and the quality review.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage and continued top ratings for our staff and camping facilities.  We were very blessed to have such an excellent staff this summer and to serve so many wonderful camping families.  We sincerely thank you.

We’d also like to remind our campers that while you’re with your families this holiday season, that it’s a great time to not only share memories of camp outs from the past but to also begin planning your summer camping adventures for the 2015 summer!

You can see our all new 2015 themed event weekend schedule at!  We sincerely hope that your camping plans will include Meadville KOA and one of these fun-filled family event weekends!  We will begin accepting reservations for the 2015 camping season January 8, 2015. 

Until we see you at the RV Shows in January and February, we wish you and your families a very happy and healthy holiday season!   

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Go Camping In October!

"The events and activities are winding down at Meadville KOA (Kampgrounds of America) by the time the month of October arrives," according to campground owner, Tim Chilson, “but there is still great camping weekends remaining this camping season and some of them include big savings!"
"We're nearing the end of the season and October 10-12th is our last event weekend of the camping season," Chilson said, "but we've discounted the camping prices, which makes it even more affordable for people to get out and enjoy the wonderful fall festivals like the Franklin Applefest on Oct. 4 Weekend, and the the Pioneer Steam Show in Saegertown and Conneaut Lake Area Pumpkinfest on Oct. 11.  If you’re into haunted attractions, they run now through the end of October.  Not only can you enjoy those wonderful autumn festivals, haunted attractions, and the fall foliage, but the cool evenings provide wonderful opportunities to enjoy an autumn evening campfire and some warmed apple cider and s'mores!  And, we offer some great savings!  If you invite another family to come with you, we have buy one night get one night free as a thank you for introducing Meadville KOA to a new family.  Or, you can get a great discount just by calling and reserving a site!  Our prices with the discount are below State park’s rates and you get free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, and catch and release fishing, not to mention our events and activities!" Chilson went on to add, “There are also autumn driving tours in the area that maximize your fall foliage viewing as well.  They are provided on the Crawford County Visitor’s Bureau website.”

Many RVers, according to Chilson, use October as a perfect time to travel and enjoy the foliage. "With gas prices lowered, fall festivals, and fall foliage at its’ prime, it's a perfect time to get outside, enjoy the beautiful autumn weather remaining, and do some camping," Chilson added.

“October is also a great month to visit campgrounds if you’re looking for a seasonal camping site,” according to Chilson.  “Campers can look at the availability and pick a site for the following season.  And because our sites include free onsite winter storage, they can leave the RV in onsite storage here for the winter, come open up in the spring, and start camping!  They save money by not having to pay for storage, and the convenience is great, and it allows our seasonal campers to maximize the use of their RV for the whole 2015 summer season!”

Meadville KOA is located on Route 27 and hosts 160 camp sites, 4 camping cabins (which includes two, lake-front deluxe lodges), seven fishing ponds for catch and release fishing (no license required), a swimming pool, a creek for wading, a hiking trail, volleyball, basketball, soccer & ball field, horseshoe pits, themed weekend events with planned activities, and much more!

By Robyn Chilson

Tim & Robyn Chilson are both CPOs, and they have owned and operated Meadville KOA for 15 years. Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Camping is Awesome Camping!

As summer comes to an end, the autumn season begins, and that means it’s time to go autumn camping! Why not enjoy the fall foliage, fun fall festivals, and more? Here are few examples of awesome autumn camping adventures that await you!
Attend Fall Festivals! There are Autumn Leaf Festivals, Applefests, Pumkinfests, and more! So if you haven’t been camping and attended one of these great local autumn events, the only question remaining is, why not? The festivals are fun and it lengthens your camping season!
The Price is Right! Off season camping generally means off season (lower) rates! You save money when you camp in the off season! And because demand for those sites are lower, the campgrounds are less busy (except for special event weekends), which means you get a quiet, more relaxing, camping atmosphere!
The Weather Is Good! Ahhh, the cool evenings make a campfire all that more enjoyable. Enjoy a hotdog or a camper pie over the campfire on a cool autumn evening.  How about a cup of spiced apple cider, and s’mores for desert?  Ahh, there’s nothing like it! And is it just us, or does everything taste better over that autumn campfire?
Attend Special Event Weekends! Many private campgrounds provide special event weekends during the autumn months to draw in more campers and RVers! Why not take the kids to a Halloween Weekend filled with Trick or Treat, costume contests, campsite decorating contests, and a FREE Sunday breakfast? Or, attend a Pumpkinfest Weekend with roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin carving and other pumpkin themed activities? Or go to an Applefest! There's so much to do and see!
The Fall Foliage Peak Is In Early October! The fall foliage is usually at its peak the first and second weeks in October. Why not choose a campground that is centrally located to the area where you’d like to foliage sight-see, and do some foliage gazing in the area around your base camp! Don’t forget your camera!
Autumn Star Gazing Is Awesome! If you’re a star gazer, you already know that late summer and early fall give rise to some awesome planetary and star gazing opportunities. If you aren’t a star gazer, now is as good of time to start as any! So look up and learn! And don’t forget that star gazing at a campout equals a trip to the local planetarium! So the kids can learn about the stars right there at your campsite at no extra charge!
There are lots of fun special event weekends, fall festivals, stars, and fall foliage to see!  If you’d like more information about what’s happening at and around Meadville KOA Campground, you can call us at 814-789-3251 or go to our website at!
All of these great camping & RVing adventures await you! Go camping or RVing and explore the world around you this autumn!  It’ll be pretty awesome!
By Robyn Chilson

Tim & Robyn Chilson, CPO who own and operate Meadville KOA Campground. You can contact her at 814-789-3251. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meadville KOA Upgrades Campground; Now Offers High-Speed Wi-Fi and Satellite Cable Television

Meadville KOA recently completed a project to ensure their campers’ growing demand for expanded entertainment and electronic device use. 

“Robyn and I surveyed our campers and asked their preferences for utilities,” Tim says. “Cellular service was number one, followed by access to a strong Wi-Fi signal and cable television. These upgrades mean that they can get online when they need it, and can tune in to their favorite shows on rainy days when they can’t take advantage of everything happening on our campground.  We've gotten no help from Verizon to fix the cellular reception here.  That is outside of our control, but at least we've fixed what we could.”

We've added 48 channels of satellite cable TV to 124 full-hookup campsites and two deluxe cabins.  Stations include five local channels as well as ESPN, Disney, Cartoon Network and a host of other options. Wi-Fi has also been upgraded to reflect the fastest speeds available. The improved services are available at no charge.

Meadville KOA Campground is located at 25164 State Route 27, the Meadville KOA is one of 485 open-to-the-public KOA campgrounds in the Kampgrounds of America system in the U. S. and Canada. We also offer extended stay and seasonal camping, themed weekends with planned activities and outdoor recreation opportunities, including a hiking trail and catch-and-release fishing in seven well-stocked ponds. A “fun band” is available for unlimited paddle boat,
pedal cart and miniature golf rentals.

For more information about the Meadville KOA and its recent upgrades, or to make
reservations for an overnight stay or to inquire about seasonal camping, please phone 814-789-3251 or visit

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meadville KOA Campground is All About Family Fun!

Meadville KOA Campground is all about family fun.  So, we thought we should tell you all about what we offer here for families to do, and what makes us Northwestern PA’s Fun Family Camping and Cabin Zone!

First, we are a family campground.  Our camping policies provide a family atmosphere.  We hope that makes our campground the kind of place you’d want to bring your family.  That’s the kind of campground we always sought out to take our family camping, and that’s the kind of place we work hard to provide for your family. 

You can get connected to nature.  Our campground abounds with the beauty and wonder of nature.  It’s a great place to introduce your kids to the wonderful outdoors.  You can just wade our creek or search for minnows or crawfish.  We have butterflies and fireflies to chase.  You can hike the hiking trail, and check out the woods and wildlife, enjoy catch and release fishing in any of our ponds and lakes, or just relax by a campfire and enjoy the stars.  In our weekend agenda, we even provide you star gazing tips, so you can teach your kids about the stars and planets that you can’t even see under those city lights.

We have lots of outdoor recreation!  We have open swim from noon-4 and 5-8 daily.  4-5 is our adults only swim.  We have catch and release fishing in any of our ponds, and we have a one acre and a two acre lake!  We have volleyball, basketball, playgrounds (3), hiking trail, creek, horseshoes, and all the equipment you need to play!  We even have movies you can borrow to watch (at no cost)!  You can sign movies and the equipment out/in at the office.  There is no charge.  

We have minigolf, paddleboats, pedal karts, and a jumping pillow!  We have amenity rentals & a fun band program for the tweens and teens!  You can rent the minigolf, pedal karts, and paddle boats individually for a one time use, or you can purchase a “Fun Band” and keep the tweens and teens busy all weekend long for one low price.  And on weekends, it includes the Jumping Pillow that runs for an hour each time on Sat. morning, Sat. afternoon, and Sun morning, all for the same low price!   

Each weekend, all summer long, we provide a themed weekend.  After choosing a theme, we then create a whole series of activities and events around the theme.  We provide you, each weekend all season long, a written agenda that lets you know where and when each activity is taking place.  In addition, each campsite gets an opportunity to play Camper’s BINGO with the numbers hidden within the agenda, and win 2, free ice cream cones if they get a BINGO.  We give away 4-6 free ice cream cones, per weekend.  One weekend out of each month, we have a weekend designed for younger children which features our Brookdale Express Engine #9 Kiddie Train Ride.  So if you have a young family (children under 48” tall), then these weekends are for you!  We also provide free children’s crafts every weekend all summer long, and we provide a ceramics program.  Prices vary by piece but there are lots of different priced pieces, and there are pieces you can do in one day.  Our weekend agenda features our planned activities, and it always includes at least one wagon ride per weekend. 

If all that isn’t enough to keep your family busy while you vacation, there are tons of other local events and festivals for even more fun!  There are not one but two nearby amusement parks (We have discount combo tickets for Waldameer Amusement Park & Water World), the hot balloon festival held each June on Father’s Day Weekend, The Saegertown Steam Engine Shows, Local Amish School Auction, Roar on the Shore Motorcycle Rally, The Crawford County Fair in August, Thunder in the City, Conneaut Lake, Pymatuning Spillway, The Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad, Drake Well and Museum (featured on the History Channel), Presque Isle & Beaches, Presque Ilse Downs and Casino, Grove City Outlets, Tom Ridge Environmental Center, and much, much more all within one hour of our location!

You can come to Meadville KOA with your week planned, and packed with activities, or spend your week lounging by the pool, enjoying nature, a good book, and campfires.  In other words, your vacation can be as intense or relaxed as you choose to make it.  Or, mix it up and do a combo!      

Did we by chance mention that we offer a weekly discount for your vacation?  Camp 7 nights for the price of six, all season long!  And, if you’d rather do more long weekends than one week at a time, we offer returning camper discounts!  You can find them on our website Discounts Page, all summer long. 

Did we mention that we also have free Wi-Fi so you can check your email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.  (Did you know we’re social as MeadvilleKOA?).  We hope you’ll drop by our pages and Follow or Like Us!  We offer specials, special discounts, contests, camping and RVing tips and info, recipes, and much more!  We hope you’ll join the conversation!

We hope that you’ll come see what’s behind the yellow sign at Meadville KOA this summer, bring the family and spend your vacation enjoying a campground where modern convenience meets nature! 

Until we see you, we wish you safe and happy kamping, where ever your travels take you!     

By Robyn Chilson

Tim & Robyn Chilson, CPOs, who own and operate Meadville KOA Campground in Meadville, PA. Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251.