Thursday, December 6, 2012

Breaking News - Awards & Honors!

We attended KOA’s 50th Anniversary Convention in Orlando Florida in November.  Not only did we get to attend the 50th Anniversary Convention of the world’s leading camping franchise (and one of the top 10 franchises in the world!), and the largest camping trade show that we’ve ever attended, and the KOA Care Camps Auction that raised over $376,000 to help support camps for children with cancer, but we were honored to be presented the 2013 KOA President’s Quality Award.  It was a thrilling convention that we will not soon forget!

The 2013 KOA President’s Award is an award that is based on us receiving high marks from KOA Quality Inspectors along with receiving high marks and ratings from you, our camping customers for our facilities cleanliness, fun family activities, and of course, of for our customer service in 2012. 

We thank all of you for making this award possible.  We received over 200 survey responses from you rating us in the company of some of the very best campgrounds in the country!  We truly couldn’t achieve this award without you!  Our Trailer Life rating (9/9*/9) places us well within the top 5% of campgrounds in the country.  Our KOA President’s Award places us above that!    

First and foremost, we love our camping families.  We’re very blessed to have so many wonderful families who camp with us year after year.  Many of our campers have been camping with us for over 13 years!  It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been that long, but we just celebrated our 13th year of ownership.  We have so enjoyed watching your children grow up (hard to believe some are now in college!), and our good fortune to share many, many, summer camping adventures with your families!  We sincerely thank you.  Serving you is truly, our pleasure!

We just returned from the Pennsylvania Campground Owners Convention (PCOA), where we received awards for the best brochure in PA and the best promotional piece in PA for 2012!  The coolest part about winning these awards is because we owe these awards to you, our customers too! 

Our brochure for 2012 was a result of photos that were selected as winners in our 2011 Facebook Photo Contest!  We want you to know that we appreciate you participating in our Facebook Contests, and those photos of yours were winners not only for you, but for us as well!  Thank you again for submitting your photos and participating and sharing your photos of your children having fun!

We also owe our printer, Rick Morgan of Print King ( from Cranberry, PA a huge thank you for the great and absolutely beautiful job he did on our brochure!  The photos were sharp, the print easy to read, and the color’s attracted the eye (as per the contest judges comments)!  If you want a quality printer for brochures to advertise your business, we highly recommend Rick and his team at Print King!  They do a great quality product at a good price!  We love Print King, and think you will too! 

And if that isn’t enough, our best promotional piece was our email blasts program that we email out to campers each month to advertise our upcoming events and activities, campsite and cabin availability, specials and discounts, and much more!  And, it’s you, our customers, who also make this program a success!  If you didn’t call to book that reservation, interact with that link, or disengaged with that program (removed yourself from the distributions list), it would be a miserable failure.  So we thank you for camping with us, and participating in our special weekends, promotions, and discount offers!  We thank you!

Each award we received this fall, involved you, our customers.  Some might say, “Isn’t that ironic?”  To us it makes perfect sense because without you, our camping customers, we don’t exist at all.  So to us, it’s only fitting that because of you, we’re a top rated campground that has won quality awards based on your customer feedback, your photos submitted for our camping contests, and email promotions that you receive and engage with to receive special offers, discounts, and more!  That makes perfect sense to us, because we truly have some of the best camping families who camp with us!  We have great campers who in many cases aren’t just camping customers, they are friends too!  Thank you for being great customers, the people that you are, great friends, and for making our campground the great and fun place to camp that it is!  We get lots of great comments on how nice and friendly our campers are, and we of course again owe that thanks to you!

And, we’re proud and honored to also announce that Tim Chilson was honored at the PCOA Convention for completing two consecutive terms (4 years) of service on the PCOA Board of Directors as Regional Director for Northwest PA, a 15 County Region.  Tim’s service as Regional Director has ended, but he was asked to fill a vacancy left by a resignation of another officer, and so Tim has accepted the position of PCOA Regional Vice President for all of Western PA (Regions 1 & 2).  We continue to serve not only our customers but our industry as well, as we continue to strive to make camping experiences better across PA.      

As our service to you, our state association, and our industry continues, we want to thank you, our camping customers again for providing us the opportunity to serve such a great industry, with so many great camping families as our customer base!  We’re so honored and fortunate to be able to do this.  And it’s all because of you, our great customers! 

We thank you, as always, for camping with us and your great feedback, and we look forward to seeing you again this summer at Meadville KOA!

By Robyn Chilson
Tim & Robyn Chilson own and operate Meadville KOA Campground in Meadville, PA.  Robyn can be reached at 814-789-3251 or at